The Rave on the Rainbow Diet

Posted by Jennifer Nemeth on

The chart below may seem juvenile but adults often need to go back to the basics. We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for us but too often they are overlooked. When they don't become part of our daily routine, our bodies are missing out. The more naturally colorful your meal is, the more likely it is to have an abundance of cancer and disease-fighting nutrients. Pigments, also know as phytonutrients or plant nutrients, provide fruits and vegetable their brilliant colors and represent a variety of protective compounds.

Below is a helpful tool we often pass out in our classes that explains the benefits of incorporating these color into your diet. Don't miss out on learning how to create delicious meals full of color in our Revitalizing Your Health one-day class on Sat, Aug 27th and the How Foods Fight Cancer 4-class series beginning Thur, Sept 29th. Click here to learn more and register.

I challenge you for at least one week to record how many naturally-occuring colors you can get! This is a fun exercise to do with kids & grandkids as well! I'm not always perfect but yesterday I clicked off all the boxes! Hoorah! Here's what I had: Red = baby tomatoes, Orange = carrots & sweet potato, Yellow = lemon juice, Green = spinach & broccoli, Blue = blueberries, Purple = cabbage. Also, don't forget about brown! For that category I had brown rice. Filling your diet with lots of beans and whole grains is beneficial for fiber, which aids in toxin and carcinogen removal. Enjoy the colors of the rainbow today!

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