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Are you struggling to make proper food choices and just confused when you go to stores or out to eat?

I can coach you on your way to better eating habits whether it's in the kitchen, or just assistance in making proper food choices. Here's how. 


 I teach students how to prepare healthy, plant-based meals from start to finish, along with learning about the nutritional value of the foods along the way. A better sense of satisfaction and greater learning (and fun!) comes from creating a meal in its entirety. Private classes (usually for 1-3 people) are an opportunity to work together in the kitchen to create amazing & delicious Group cooking classes provide an interactive and fun activity for celebrations, colleague bonding experiences, and to simply get together with friends and learn new, and transformational skills. 

Through in-home cooking classes, you will learn how to cook healthy plant-based foods and techniques in a relaxed environment. You choose the date and time of the class, the menu, and one or two of our encouraging and experienced plant-based food and nutrition experts will arrive to show the ropes. Classes are approximately 2 ½ -3 hours and are centered around the preparation of a complete meal (or several simple meals) or a chosen theme.

Interested in scheduling private individual or group cooking classes? Have some questions? Do not delay! Call Tracy at 858-735-9148 or e-mail: Let's create an amazing & fun, life-altering experience together! Pricing and packaging are listed down below. 


Positive health change is something many people seek but don’t make the effort. One of the main reasons change doesn’t stick is because people don’t have the skills to follow through. Your life is controlled by what you do consistently. Through my coaching, I will set you up for success by making steady and rewarding changes, collaborate on a plan that works for you, measure progress and encourage you to master your health! Coaching is one of the most valuable tools as it gives you a new perspective on how to manage your life for the better and provides consistent results.  I care deeply about your well-being and creating an extraordinary quality of lifefor you. Allow me to be your partner and together let’s create lasting change. 

I have a lot of experience getting people from point A to B as far as eating better and accountability. Many times that's all you need - to be held accountable for your eating and help during this important transition. You'll have so many questions and it can be a very emotional time, dealing with family and friends and various commitments. Let's get through it all together! 

Interested in scheduling individual coaching Have some questions? Do not delay! Call Tracy at 858-735-9148 or e-mail: Let's create an amazing & fun, life-altering experience together! Pricing and packages are listed ON THIS PAGE

Here's a recent testimonial from Susan who I recently worked with. We opted for a cooking session followed by several scheduled phone sessions. It worked like a charm! 

"I recently found out about how a plant-based diet can be very beneficial for my condition, so I felt an urgent need to change my diet. I didn’t know where to turn so I opted to take the next step and get one-on-one coaching sessions including a personalized cooking class with Tracy of Veg-Appeal. I benefited from the cooking experience the most. Shopping for several recipes was an excellent experience learning to find the different alternatives. This was followed by cooking techniques and tasting. Being able to take the prepared items home lead to an easy transition into a plant-based diet. Our follow-up phone and e-mail conversations were the additional support I needed. Tracy listened to my concerns, offering great suggestions and helpful hints. Flash forward 5 months and I am down 40 pounds and off of all my medications. The experience was life-changing! She is a great nutritional coach, and I’m so thankful!"

  • Susan A 
  Private Sessions Group Lessons Cooking Parties
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Where will the class be held?

Classes can be held at any home large enough to accommodate you and your guests, a rented kitchen, or in some cases in our home.


We can accommodate even the most difficult of schedules! Afternoon, after work, and weekend classes are all available. As a courtesy, we require a 48-hour notice (by phone, please, in case we don’t catch the email) to reschedule any booked class.

I'm looking for weekly help, do you offer that?

Yes! For people who want to prepare their own home-cooked meals, yet have difficulty planning and getting started, we can help! We'll develop and plan and a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, at a reduced rate, and together we'll create the basics and plan to get you started for a healthy week! You'll learn life-long skills that will help you reach your health goals and have meals ready for your busy week - a win win! Contact Tracy at 858-735-9148 to get you started. 

How far will we travel?

We are happy to come to any home kitchen San Diego County, subject to a nominal mileage fee for locations out of central San Diego County which is considered the area in between: Escondido/Encinitas – El Cajon/Coronado)

Is my kitchen big enough?

As long as you can put a cutting board down (in the kitchen or on a table) as many times as there are students, your group can comfortably learn to cook to improve their health in your home kitchen.


We specialize in menus that are seasonal, low-fat, full of nutrition, and tailored to suit the tastes and skill level of your guests. Menus are designed to be seasonal and based on a themed cuisine (ie Gluten Free, Asian, Italian, Comfort), including appetizer, main, side dish, starch and dessert. We will work with you to determine a menu that works for you and your guests. Each student receives a detailed recipe booklet at the beginning of the event or an emailed packet will be sent to the host.


Students will be sent a detailed shopping list prior to class so they will have the necessary groceries on hand (or we can do a guided shopping experience). Need us to pick up the groceries? Let us know and we can work it out for a nominal shopping fee plus food costs.

Theme ideas

  • Cancer Prevention and Survival
  • Meal Prep for your Busy Week
  • Dairy free
  • Replacing Meat
  • Desserts
  • Healthy in a Hurry
  • Brunch
  • Low-fat/Oil-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Ethnic (Mexican, Italian, Asian, for example)
  • Heart Healthy
  Private Sessions Group Lessons Cooking Parties
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Cooking:1-2 persons More Info

Nutrition/Lifestyle: More Info

3-4 people More Info 5-16 people More Info

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