Food for Life Cooking Class Series

Food for Life is an award-winning Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) program designed by physicians, nurses, and registered dietitians that offers cancer, diabetes, weight management, kids, and employee wellness classes that focus on the lifesaving effects of healthful eating. Each class includes information about how certain foods and nutrients work to promote health, along with cooking demonstrations of simple and nutritious recipes that can be recreated easily at home.

All Food for Life classes include:

  • Cooking demos & a full meal at every class
  • Over 15 easy, delicious recipes that you can take home & incorporate in your diet
  • Educational materials with detailed science made easy
  • How to reduce and even possibly reverse heart disease, cancer & diabetes
  • How to easily and effectively lose weight & keep it off

Healthy Cooking Classes

Healthy cooking classes and healthy eating presentations are our specialty! The mission of Veg Appeal is to promote vibrant health. We want to empower you to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Our specialty is classes and presentations for busy people.

Themes include:

  • Whole food, plant-based nutrition
  • Simple, everyday cooking
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Lean meals for a lean budget
  • Transitioning from processed to whole foods, and shopping techniques and kitchen organizing

Classes are designed to meet the needs of the particular audience and can be offered in homes, community centers, work places, gyms, schools, or health food stores. We encourage that you plan to take a series of classes highlighting different aspects of healthy eating and food preparation. One-time presentations are also available. Classes may include cooking demonstrations, and participants have the opportunity to taste the delicious food prepared.

Personal Nutritional Counseling

Health education is extremely important to motivate people to best me to share my knowledge and experience with others to optimize their health. I have noticed a common theme of people being overfed but undernourished. I am passionate about teaching people how to make the right food choices to not only lower their cholesterol, but also prevent heart disease, lose weight, treat and prevent cancer and reduce diabetes. This being said, I want to empower you to make food choices that will lead to optimal health. I desire for you to live the best life you were created for! Many are struggling with chronic diseases and are confused as our society has so many "diet answers" for them. I want to set the record straight for you. Let’s do this together!

Contact Tracy at 858-735-9148 to schedule an appointment.

Lunch & Learn - Corporate Wellness

What affects your bottom line more than how your employees feel and perform? What better place is there to promote healthy living than the workplace where people spend a large percentage of their time? Veg-Appeal has programs in place that will encourage your employees to take that next step in healthy eating and wellness, leading to less sick days, better employee morale, better concentration and overall well-being.

We are available for lunchtime worksite nutrition and cooking demonstrations.

  • Maximize employee health through better nutrition
  • Improve employee morale 
  • Reduce your health-care costs
  • Potentially minimize sick days
  • Sign up for a series, or a single class
  • Great idea for any sized business

Mini Retreats

Treat yourself to a memorable, health-promoting event by including your friends, family or colleagues in a lasting experience to renew your commitment to healthier living. Call us to discuss how you can create a personalized day or half-day retreat full of fun, health-inspiring activities. Examples include:

  • Cooking classes/demonstrations
  • Short, inspiring presentations on food choices
  • Hands-on cooking – everyone joins in the fun! 
  • Two to four meals and snacks, including a simple, healthy dessert 
  • Meditation, deep breathing, relaxation, and/or stress relieving sessions
  • DVD presentations with discussion and optional quizzes 
  • Short hike or exercise session
  • Stretching


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