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Positive health change is something many people seek but don’t make the effort. One of the main reasons change doesn’t stick is because people don’t have the skills to follow through. Your life is controlled by what you do consistently. Through my coaching, I will set you up for success by making steady and rewarding changes, collaborate on a plan that works for you, measure progress and encourage you to master your health! Coaching is one of the most valuable tools as it gives you a new perspective on how to manage your life for the better and provides consistent results.  I care deeply about your well-being and creating an extraordinary quality of life for you. Allow me to be your partner and together let’s create lasting change!

"I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Tracy Childs. The recipes were easy to prepare and very tasty. If you are looking to start on a vegan journey I would highly recommend you begin with Tracy. She was able to guide me in the right direction and help me set a strong foundation."

  • Anthony C.

In Person (San Diego) Online (Skype) / Phone
Initial Consultation 90 minutes $99 Add to Cart $85 Add to Cart
Follow-up Sessions 1 hour $75 Add to Cart $60 Add to Cart
4 Sessions Initial 90 minute session + three 1 hour sessions
Topics include: learning more about illnesses that effect you (such as cancer, diabetes, heart dz, obesity, etc.), the health benefits of a plant-based diet, reading food labels, optimal protein sources, the key to satiety, emotional aspects of eating, meal planning & much more.
$300 Add to Cart $75 per session — save $24! $250 Add to Cart $68.75 per session — save $15!
8 Sessions One 90 minute session + seven 1 hr sessions
Topics included above and dining out, navigating the grocery store, sweet treats without the guilt and the power of planning.
$550 Add to Cart $68 per session — save $74! $450 Add to Cart $56.25 per session — save $55!
Weekly Check-insTracy will review your food journal on a weekly basis for a 1-month timeframe and provide you with feedback and encouragement. This is a service that can be added on after an initial consult or after completing a 4 or 8 session series. It's only $10 week to keep you moving forward in your journey to optimal health! Online / Phone only → $40 Add to Cart
Personalized Grocery Store Tour 1 hour tour at a local San Diego store or via Skype $85 Add to Cart $75 Add to Cart

Tracy Childs - Veg-Appeal InstructorAbout me, Tracy Childs - I've lived a whole-food, hi-nutrient, plant-based lifestyle for over 40 years and truly enjoy thriving through this compassionate, adventurous way of eating. That sounds like a long time but I do remember making the transition and the steps taken to get there! I'm an expert in plant-based nutrition and food preparation, a certified Nutritional Consultant, and hold a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell. I've enjoyed teaching nutrition and cooking over a decade through certification as a Food for Life instructor with the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, and as a founding co-director of Veg-Appeal. Recently, I was honored to create over 100 recipes for the "Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness" by David Kater. I'm the founder and director of PlantDiego, a local support organization for all things plant-based. I know about family eating struggles and can help! I have proudly raised two children and a husband as vegan/vegetarian ☺. I'm constantly grateful for the reward of helping others make food and diet choices for weight loss, and disease control by sharing my knowledge and love of food, empowering others to achieve and maintain their health goals through healthier lifestyle choices.

Contact Tracy at 858-735-9148 or to learn more.

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