Tracy's REAL Foods Testimonials

Tracy’s REAL Foods

Goodie Testimonials

“Loved the carrot cake cookies!”
-- Adrienne, Rancho Peñasquitos

“They are super good! I love that they’re made from whole foods & taste amazing!” 
-- Jennifer, El Cajon

“They arrived safe and sound.  I’m crazy about the Black Bean Chocolate cookies.”
-- Ro, Wisconsin

“Wow, Tracy, you’ve done it with these goodies! I am thrilled with all of them, and as a whole they are divine, delectable and delicious! The cookies are moist, tender, and bursting with flavor! I found the muffins to be rich, but not too sweet, moist, yummy and delicious with a cup of steaming coffee! Then there are the awesome buckwheat pizza crackers, crisp, crunchy, rich in flavor, and too easy to eat all at once! Finally, the granola, more a special snack than a cereal, almost melts in your mouth and is crispy, sweet, light and crunchy. I’m happy to have found such great vegan, whole food goodies without oil! Thank you so much!”
-- Marge, Encanto

“I loved the carrot cookies: flavor, texture, the complexity and raisins and especially because they’re not too sweet!”
-- James, Oceanside  

“Nothing better than Tracy Childs’ special delivery cookies to brighten my day!  They are soooooo good!!!!  Wow! I literally ordered in less than a minute! So easy, affordable, and delicious!🎉 🍪
-- Tanya, San Marcos

“All Plant Based Meals’ customers love them!  I get texts all day letting me know!”
-- Angela, University City

“Went to Evolution today and got a few packs of Tracy Childs’ Whole Food Plant Based Cookies and had them with a vegan Vanilla Shake. They are moist, tasty, chewy and absolutely delicious. I love the Carrot Cake Spice Chickpea and my brother enjoyed the Double Chocolate Black Bean. Thank you, Tracy.”
-- Liz, San Diego 

“They're deliciously soft and chewy with an aftertaste of nourishment.”
-- Josh, Mission Valley

“They’re freakin’ delicious!”
-- Dareen, Point Loma

“The cookies were amazing. They were way better than any vegan or store-bought cookies I’ve ever had.  The flax crackers were good, as well.  Your goodies are one-of-a-kind!  Thank you so much.”
-- Kevin, Dehesa Valley

“I picked up some of the carrot cake cookies yesterday! Soooooo delicious Tracy!!!   Will def be going back for more because I have a feeling the rest of the bag will be gone by the end of the day today."
-- Amy, San Diego

Are you team double chocolate or team carrot cake? They’re both SO freaking delicious!!! So excited I finally got to try these amaaaazing cookies Tracy Childs made! They’re legit so good I can’t pick a favorite! Plus look at those ingredients! So good for you! Get them at Mission Square Market or Evolution Fast Food or order online at Veg-Appeal! Seriously you have to try them!!”
-- Terry, San Diego
“Awesome!!!  I loved loved loved all of your stuff and shared with a vegan friend here in Santee too :)”
-- Andrea, Santee
“Best cookies and muffins EVER!!! They taste great and are SO healthy too!  I tried each of Tracy’s products and they are ALL AMAZING because they not only taste incredible; they’re GUILT-FREE!!!"
-- Lisa, Los Angeles

"Cookies received. They are wonderfully delicious. I'm amazed, once again, at your skill and dedication. Well done!"
-- Jeanne, Carlsbad

"Tracy your cookies and banana chocolate chip muffins are outstanding!  Typically when I try a gluten free treat, my analytic mind assesses how the product could be improved. But yours are perfect as they are: flavor, texture, moistness, quality ingredients, complexity & nuances of spices and just the right amount of sweetness.  We have savored every bite."
-- Mary, Oceanside

"They are delicious!  We love them!"
-- Monika, Poway

“Your cookies are delicious, and your carrot cookies are insanely yummy!  So glad that I was able to discover you via Plant Based Meals.  Once the craziness dies down and I return to work, I will give your company info to HR as they often bring in treats for the staff."
-- Amy, San Diego

"I loved my goodies so much that I sent them as gifts to my vegan friends."
-- Maria, Baltimore, Maryland

"I had my first order delivered and my oh my, the muffins, the double chocolate and the carrot cake cookies are just the dose of sweetness I needed for this time of isolating.  Thank you for making these so delicious AND delivering to my door."
-- Elena, Sabre Springs

"They are truly the best."
-- Leslie, Oceanside

"All were yummy!  And it's a good feeling to support our small businesses/friends right now."
-- Robin, Poway

“We tried the chocolate one – delicious!!!  The carrot cake ones are to die for!!  Unfortunately, my husband likes everything – I’ll need to hide them!!”
--Maureen, Cleveland, Ohio
“Jesus Christ, Tracy!  These treats are unbelievable!  The chickpea cookies and black bean cookies are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had, never mind how healthy they are.  You are amazing!  I am going to leave a great review…
…Wow, we just bought a batch of vegan treats from Veg Appeal in San Diego and Wow!! The chocolate cookies were amazing and the best cookie I ever had until I tasted the carrot cake cookies! Tracy is a real talent! I am not a vegan, but I know flavor. This is a must taste! They ship, so give it a try.”
-- Maureen’s husband, Cleveland, Ohio

"These cookies are bomb!!"
-- Cherie, Carlsbad

"This is my second time buying Tracy's REAL Foods cookies at Mission Square Market. OMG! These are so good! Thank you Tracy Childs for making these! Good news is that I made them last 1 day longer than the first bag I bought. They made it 2 days!"
-- Patrick, San Diego

-- Karen, Carmel Mountain Ranch

"THANK YOU for the DELICIOUS, homemade cookies Tracy! We ordered three bags on Monday and as you can see there are none left. Love eating these guilt-free, amazing tasting, plant-based cookies. Sooooo GOOD! 😋"
-- Erin, Oceanside

"Everything about your products is true. After I received my bags of cookies, a student from China was having dinner with me. She tried both cookies and went back for seconds. She said these were the best she has tasted in the five months she's been here at UCSD as a research scientist. The texture, balance of sweet flavors and the quality is such that you eat one and your sweet tooth is satisfied. Absolutely delicious treat. Also, you lose weight because the cookie lover doesn't need to eat 1/2 a bag to feel satisfied. Thank you for giving goodness to the world."
-- Becky, Clairemont

"If you haven't tried Tray Childs' mind-blowing goodies, you MUST!!!  This is my 2nd order and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need a subscription.  They are a perfect "after lunch/dinner" treat or pre-workout fuel!  I'm obsessed!"
-- Kayla, Rancho Bernardo

"Wow!!!  The cookies are delicious!!!  I can’t believe all that healthy stuff is in them. I tried the chocolate one too and it’s amazing. With these cookies anyone can be vegan!"
-- Christine, Rancho Bernardo

"The wait is over! My package of Tracy's Real Good yummies has arrived in the heartland! Moist, delicious, and healthy! Kansas will never be the same! THANKS — feeling delighted!"
-- Todd, Humboldt, Kansas

"I just tried all three (quality control of course😜) and they are DELISH!!  The chocolate is my favorite.  Who knew black beans could taste so decadent?!"
-- Justine, Ocean Beach

"Oh my god! The chocolate cookies are to die for!!  I’m reordering!!"
-- Sharon, Downtown San Diego

"Your cookies traveled well to New Haven and Boulder.   Big Hit with my sons.  They both say thank you and ask me if I will order again.  My contrarian  says he knows the cookies are healthy but still delicious.  (???)  You've  hit the jackpot, and congrats again on getting your business started, wishing you continued success....
...Enjoyed one each cookie and muffin and a couple of crackers with lunch..or it was my lunch. Really really good. Loved most the crackers...have developed taste for the savory.  You have winners. Thank you for the Mother's Day delivery. What a treat!"
-- Juanita, Escondido

"Bought two bags of your cookies today at MSM.  Only tried the carrot one so far but it’s DELICIOUS!  🙂
Next day:
Tried the black bean ones too and omg you nailed it.  Perfect.  Guilt free and delicious!"
-- Kirk, Mission Hills

"These are amazeballs! 'Nuff said."
-- Melinda, San Diego
"Finally cookies made of real ingredients😋 These are sooo good, thank you Tracy🙏"
-- Alexandra, Pacific Beach
"Already tried the carrot cake cookie and my mom tried a muffin.  We're in LOVE! Thank you!"
-- Angela, Escondido

"These are soooo good. I am going to share some with my neighbors. Thanks, Tracy! Delicious."
-- Sara, Scripps Ranch 

"Cookies for breakfast 🍪🍪🍪 though I usually lean towards anything chocolate I really love both flavors Tracy's REAL Foods 🍫😋🥕"
-- Michelle, Encinitas 

"Have a sweet tooth? Yea me too. And these days it's in full effect. I was stoked to see that @tracysrealfoods has put out these seriously good and seriously good-for-you cookies. Package is super cute for gifting too. And I would show you the crackers but I already ate them (slightly pizza flavor). Dag, so impressed Tracy!
#whatveganseat #wholefoodsplantbased
You'd be supporting a woman-owned, planet-saving food company and someone who has done more than could ever be put into words for moving the vegan and plant-based community forward."

-- Jill, Washington, D.C.

"Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 Fabulous. I’ve been to Mission Square Market twice now for your wonderful goodies. They are fabulous. I’m so glad you’re getting your stuff into the stores. Sunny said last week, “Tracy is going to be famous one of these days“. I said, “She already is“. And you are. So excited for you☮️💟👍  "
-- Val, North Park

 "We picked up your carrot cake and snickerdoodle cookies from Mission Square Market  last week.  They were amazingly delicious!  Both bags were gone within 3 days.  Can't wait to get more!!!"
-- Moira, La Jolla

 "Just ordered my next installment of vegan cookie awesomeness! Keep em comin', baby!”
-- Elizabeth, West Hartford, Connecticut

 “The mocha cookies are sooo good! We are sharing our orders with vegan family members. We are thrilled to have healthy goodies on hand. Plant Power!”
-- Susie, Clairemont

“I LOVE the mocha chip coffee Cookies! ❤️ ☕️🍪”
-- Kayla, Rancho Bernardo

“The mocha cookies are amazing!” 
-- Plant Base Meals, San Diego

"Hi Tracy...well, they arrived.  And.....they are crazy good!!!  Too good!!!!!  Wow!!   Well done - I wish you so much success with this business.  This is the first vegan cookie that I have ever had that really tastes like a "real" cookie, without that "afterbite" that often comes with chickpea-based cookies.  They are both yummy, although I am carrot obsessed so those are my favorite."
-- Maddie, Ridgefield, Connecticut



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