Personal Counseling

Health education is extremely important to motivate people to best care for their bodies. My profession as a registered nurse calls me to share my wealth of knowledge and experience with others to optimize their health. In the last several years working for our healthcare system, I have noticed a common theme of people being overfed but undernourished. As a nurse who has a previous degree in dietetics, I am passionate about teaching people how to make the right food choices to not only lower their cholesterol, but also prevent heart disease, lose weight, treat and prevent cancer and reduce diabetes. This being said, I want to empower you to make food choices that will lead to optimal health. I desire for you to live the best life you were created for! Many are struggling with chronic diseases and are confused as our society has so many "diet answers" for them. I want to set the record straight for you. Let’s do this together!

Contact Jennifer at 619-940-7648 to schedule an appointment.

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