Women's Health Course

$ 300.00

DATES: Anytime that's convenient for you! This will be coordinated with your instructor Jenn, RN
WHERE: The convenience of your home via Skype            
INCLUDES: Four 2-hour classes and a workbook to facilitate learning.
COST: $75 per 2-hour class — 4 classes @ $75/class = $300 total

Participate in an interactive discussion about diet, lifestyle and women's health.
With over half the population being female, women generally are the family leaders and are often encouraged to endure unnecessary procedures and diagnostic tests. This course educates and informs women about the science behind the medicine

During this 4-class series, you will learn:

  • Women's health issues and how to treat and pre- vent them, including, cervical dysplasia, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, breast cancer, ovari- an cancer, and menopause
  • The link between hormone production and diet, lifestyle choices and body composition
  • How to have a healthy pregnancy
  • How to prevent or reduce symptoms of meno- pause
  • The risks of HRT and bio-identical hormones
  • How to reduce the risk of breast cancer
  • The pros and cons of breast cancer screening
  • How to build and maintain strong bones

Jennifer Nemeth is a Registered Nurse, has a degree in dietetics (nutrition), has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, is a certified Food Over Medicine, Weight Loss and Women’s Health instructor from the Wellness Forum, and a certified Food for Life instructor through the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Through frequent contact, support and education, she empowers her clients to take ownership of their health. She specializes in weight loss, women’s health, heart disease, diabetes and cancer prevention.

Contact Jennifer at 619-940-7648 or to learn more.

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