Seasonal Sundays - Monthly Whole-Food Class/Meal

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Every Month and Always Seasonal! 

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What: Seasonal Sundays

Where: Poway, California

When: One Sunday per month

Benefiting: PlantDiego - our local WFPB support group!

Veg-Appeal is opening up the kitchen for monthly Seasonal Sundays to feature San Diego’s abundant seasonal harvest, changing each season! These events will occur one Sunday per month, with either brunch or dinner theme, featuring new, inventive recipes made from whole plant foods. 

Veg-Appeal is so excited to bring these special events to the San Diego Community! Here, you get a chance to come to a friendly place, see old friends, make new ones and enjoy some healthy, yummy, vegan food!

Each Seasonal Sunday, we will do an in-depth focus on a different health topic to maximize your knowledge and empowerment through food as medicine! All meals are made with 100% fresh, whole, plant-based ingredients that are naturally delicious. As usual all recipes are:

  • Oil-Free
  • Vegan
  • Low-Fat
  • Gluten-Free
  • Nutrient-Rich
  • Healing
  • No Processed Sugar

And of course... Delicious!

    Take home simple new favorite recipes you will be sharing with family and friends for a long, long time!

    You will enjoy a yummy, filling meal and learn new tips for staying healthily trim and energetic. 

    Not only will you get to enjoy a fun & delicious meal, these events are the perfect opportunity to bring along loved ones you have been trying to convince to make some positive changes for their health!

    Here is what you’ll find when you attend a Season Sundays event.
    Sharing a healthy meal together with new tastes and sensations can be an unforgettable experience! You will feel welcomed and comfortable even if you come solo! You’ll soon make the acquaintance of new friends and enjoy being around like-minded people!
    Seasonal Sundays is a great opportunity to bring your veg-curious friends & family to taste healthy whole, plant foods prepared in a palatable fashion and seasoned to taste the individual flavors. There is always a great mix of folks joining in on the fun, which will occasionally include some hands-on food preparation.
    We are super blessed to have the help of PlantDiego volunteers who will keep you happy and comfortable. You’ll come in, find your seat, enjoy a refreshing smoothie or elixir (health drink), then meet us in the living room for a short health talk on our topic of the day. You will have Q&A with Tracy and hear a little about each recipe, as well as learn about the ingredients you may not be familiar with.
    Then it’s on with the meal! Sit back and relax and enjoy.
    In between each course, Tracy will discuss the preparation of each recipe.
    Attendees have already shared with us, that aside from the amazing food, how much they enjoy the conversation, and easy-going feel to these events.

     We look forward to seeing you regularly for Seasonal Sundays! 


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