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HUGS - Healthy U Group Support - Food for LIFE!

$ 30.00

Transform Your Kitchen and Your Eating Habits!

These classes are designed for ANYONE who is considering adopting or working toward a healthy plant-based diet for ANY reason. If you are anywhere along that path, this is the opportunity to receive the healthy nutrition foundation and support you need! Please share this life-saving information with your friends and family! Each class features crucial, clear nutrition videos from Dr. Neal Barnard of Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine. Check out TESTIMONIALS from previous participants!  

This is NEW concept offered by Veg-Appeal allows lower per-class pricing, easier participation and scheduling for YOU! Join the group whenever you can and receive the support YOU need to achieve your healthy-eating goals throughout the year! 

DATES: MONDAYS in 2020: February 24th thru May 4th (skipping March 2)

CHOOSE: CHOOSE ONE OR MORE CLASSES! Packages are shown below. Please list the date(s) you wish to attend 

TIME: 6 pm-8:30 pm 
WHERE: Poway CA (address will be provided prior to start of series)
PARKING: Street parking
FEATURING: A Delicious Plant-based Meal & Hands-On Cooking & Take Home "Power Food of the Week!" This EXCITING feature will help you get started on your healthy path IMMEDIATELY, after each class meeting! During each class we will highlight some important powerful plant-based foods that may be new to you, and guess what? We'll prepare it in class so you can bring it home along with a few simple recipes to use it during the week!

REGISTER: Choose the amount of classes you wish to attend and when registering for 4 or more classes, use the discount codes shown: 

4-5 classes use "subscriber10" (10% off)  

6-7 classes "subscriber15" (15% off)

8-10 classes "subscriber18" (18% off)

NOTE- during registration, please indicate your chosen class dates (if you know) or if you are registering for multiple persons. I'll get in touch for further details! 

WARNING: Side Effects may Include: Weight-loss, Lower cholesterol, Blood sugar control, Increased energy and Better digestion!

LEARN the latest nutrition information, ENJOY cooking demonstrations, TASTE healthy, delicious dishes and SHARE your experiences in a supportive group setting! 

COST: $30 per class +  Food/Materials @ $10/Class (collected in class)

NOTE - Registering for you and a friend (or more)? Use codes listed above to receive discounted prices on multiple orders (only)! 


INCLUDES: A delicious plant based meal in each class, LIVE in-class food demos and hands-on cooking with Tracy's in-depth food prep knowledge, Q&A, recipes, group support & educational materials. 

You are worth this investment in your own health.

Each class in this series is UNIQUE and you can SIGN UP for all or a number of classes. They cover a variety of health-related nutrition topics and demonstrate how to prepare several items loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals, high-fiber and low-fat foods, and healthy dairy alternatives. The series also provides information on planning meals and maintaining a healthy weight.

Space is limited. Join us today!


***** To Be Announced SOON ******


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