Mar 30

Kickstart Your Health: The Power of Food for Healthy Weight Management Series

$ 200.00

DATES: Saturdays — March30, April 6, 13, 20, 27— 5 week class
TIME: 10 am – 12:30 pm 
WHERE: Poway CA (address will be provided prior to start of series)
PARKING: Street parking
NEW FEATURE: Take home the "Food of the week!" This completely NEW and EXCITING feature will help you get started on your healthy week IMMEDIATELY! During each class we will highlight one important plant-based food category that may be new to you, and guess what? We'll prepare it so you will bring it home along with a simple recipe to prepare it during the week!

INCLUDES: A delicious plant based meal each class, live, in-class food demos with Tracy's in-depth food prep knowledge, Q&A, recipes, educational materials and your own copy of the book: "21 Day Weight Loss Kickstart" by Dr. Neal Barnard
COST: $40 per class — 5 classes @ $40/class = $200 total


Are you ready to be at your healthy weight and look & feel energized? And are you ready to learn to do this without starving yourself but instead eat loads of delicious food? I don’t know about you but I love to eat! Join plant-based cooking and nutrition expert Tracy Childs, for this 5-week class where you will learn the tools and knowledge that will lead you to weight loss, disease prevention & incredible energy! You will learn how to make (and taste!) many scrumptious recipes in each class that are quick & easy. This experience will lead you to empower yourself to start your journey to better health!

In a public health climate where 68% of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese and millions have diabetes, the need for a lifestyle change is greater than it has ever been. Empower yourself to start the journey to better health today! Check out these testimonials (scroll down on the page) from a few of our class participants. 

Sign up now for your opportunity to:

  • Enjoy samples of all the foods  prepared in the classes. Yum!
  • Participate in preparing and bring home and important, nutritious prepped "Food for the Week," along with a shopping list and quick recipe! 
  • Learn the reasons behind why eating plant foods is so good for the body through understandable and interesting DVD lectures presented by world-renowned physician and nutrition expert Neal D. Barnard, MD.
  • Save time and effort at the grocery store and in the kitchen by implementing the practical tips learned in class.
  • Ask questions about how to choose produce, what to look for on nutrition labels, how to fit cooking into your busy schedule, and more…
  • Improve your health using natural foods instead of expensive drugs and supplements. Most participants in this class will not be experts on how to prepare plant-based meals.  They will attend because they are interested in keeping themselves and their family members healthy and satisfied with the food they eat every day.  Just about everyone will be interested in learning recipes that the whole family will enjoy. Come and learn, too in a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience where you get to sample lots of new recipes and learn inspiring nutrition information you did not know. 

Space is VERY limited. Join us today!

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